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What is the Trust Score?
What is the Trust Score?

Learn more about the Trust Score and how to improve it.

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What is the Trust Score?

The Trust Score is a measure of your reliability as a contractor on our gig economy marketplace. Similar to a credit score, the Trust Score indicates how dependable you are, based on your professional and unprofessional behaviors.

How is the Trust Score calculated?

The Trust Score model considers several factors:

Unprofessional behavior

  • Negative ratings

  • Tardiness

  • No-shows

  • Late cancellations

Professional behavior

  • Positive ratings

  • Badges you've earned

  • Timely cancellations

  • Consistency

  • Responsiveness and communication in the app

How can I improve my Trust Score?

You can improve your Trust Score by consistently demonstrating professional behavior. This includes receiving positive ratings from clients, earning badges for your skills, being responsive to business inquiries, and cancelling appointments in a timely manner if you cannot fulfill them. Avoid unprofessional behavior such as being tardy, not showing up for gigs, or cancelling late.

How does a higher Trust Score benefit me?

A higher Trust Score can increase your visibility on our platform and make you more attractive to clients. This may lead to more gig opportunities, a larger network of clients, and potentially higher earnings.

Can my Trust Score go down?

Yes, your Trust Score can decrease if you exhibit unprofessional behavior, such as being tardy for gigs, failing to show up, or cancelling at the last minute.

How often is my Trust Score updated?

Your Trust Score is updated daily, and every gig counts.

Can businesses see my Trust Score?

Yes, businesses can see your Trust Score. It is a key factor that businesses consider when selecting talent for a shift. A high Trust Score can help reassure businesses that you are a reliable and professional worker.

How can I check my current Trust Score?

You can check your current Trust Score by logging into your account and navigating to your profile page. Your Trust Score is displayed prominently on your profile.

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