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How can I cancel a shift?
How can I cancel a shift?
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Cancelling a shift can be seen from your profile when businesses see you have applied for a shift so we encourage keeping that number as low as possible. We know that sometimes life happens and we have to cancel on commitments we have made.

From the shift details you can tap “Cancel My Shift”.

Cancel a Shift - Applicant.png

To confirm you want to cancel a shift you must provide a reason.

Cancel Shift Confirmation.png

Explain your reasoning for having to cancel your shift and tap “Confirm”

Reason for Cancellation- Applicant.png

You have successfully cancelled a shift.

Last Minute Cancellations
Cancelling 24hrs prior to a shift is considered a last minute cancellation and will result in a suspension. Review our Talent Guidelines to ensure you are operating within them to continue on the platform.

Cancellations will affect your cancellation rate which can be seen by other businesses.

Hired late

If you are hired within 24hrs prior to the start of the shift and need to cancel, you are not subject to suspension.

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