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How do I rate an applicant? - Mobile
How do I rate an applicant? - Mobile
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From your Filled Shifts tab you can click on a shift.

Filled Shifts Screen.png

Rate Your Talent

After a shift has been completed you have the opportunity to rate your talent. To do so, tap “Rate Your Talent”.

Shift Details Completed Shift.png

Tap on the name of the talent you want to give a rating.

Talent that worked shift.png

Fill out the ratings and award badges to your talent.

Rate your Croux.png

Awarding Badges

When talent has worked a shift you may award them badges based on their performance. Badges help you easily identify talent that has qualities you desire in a good worker. Once talent has earned badges you can view those in their details.

Give feedback to Croux that talent will be kept confidentially. Croux will use this to ensure we are continuing to provide talent that are great workers and separate them from the poor performers.

View Your Applicants

From shift details you can view your applicants by tapping “View Applicants”.

Shift Details Completed Shift.png

If you tap on the talents’ name, you can view their profile. By tapping the heart to the right of their name you can add them to your favorites.

Tapped View Your Applicants.png
Saved Applicant to Favorites.png

Now the talent you have favorited will be added to your Croux. In the future you can easily invite them to apply for the shifts you post.

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