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How do I create a new shift?
How do I create a new shift?
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Start on the Shifts Screen.

Shifts Screen.png

Select the date you would like to add a shift to from the Calendar.

Select New Shift.

Click New Shift.png

You will see a screen with empty fields.

Empty Post New Shift Modal.png

Alternatively, you can use a shift template if you have made one.

Select a Shift Template.png

Fill out the information about the Shift such as Date, Start and End Times, Hourly Rate, Number of People needed, etc. Being as detailed as possible will work to your advantage and provide talent with everything they should expect when they are hired for a shift.

Once you have filled out the information about the shift, click “Post Shift”.

Filled Template.png
Click Post Shift.png

When you have successfully posted a shift you should see:

Shift Posted Modal.png

Select members from your Croux to invite to apply for the shift.

Select from your Croux to Invite.png

Click “Invite your Croux”.

Click Invite Your Croux.png

Talent Invited.png

And back on your Shifts Screen you will see the shift is posted.

Shifts View - New Shift Posted on Date.png

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