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How do I create a Shift Template?
How do I create a Shift Template?
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Once you create a Business Account with Croux you can begin creating shifts. If you are hiring for the same type of shift often, creating a shift template will allow you to post those shifts more easily.

Shift Templates allow you as a business to save you time and allow you to quickly post shifts using a reusable template.

First, navigate to Shift Templates from the Menu on the Left side.

Click the “+” button in the top right corner.

Template Information

From there you can enter in the template name, position name, a description of the job, business address, etc.

Shift Templates Screen.png

Press the Plus Sign.png

Empty Shift Template Information.png

A good Job Description should include: A thorough description of the job including key responsibilities and qualifications.

An example:

The AM Dishwasher is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of the coffee shop's kitchen, including all dishes, utensils, and equipment. This includes washing, drying, and organizing dishes, pots, and pans, as well as ensuring that all surfaces are clean and free of debris. The AM Dishwasher is also responsible for assisting with basic food preparation and cleanup tasks as needed.

Key Responsibilities:

- Wash and sanitize all dishes, utensils, and equipment
- Ensure all dishes and equipment are properly organized and stored
- Assist with basic food preparation tasks such as cutting vegetables or portioning food items
- Maintain a clean and organized kitchen by sweeping and mopping floors, wiping down surfaces, and taking out the trash
- Adhere to all food safety and sanitation regulations
- Communicate effectively with other members of the kitchen team and assist with other tasks as needed


- Prior experience in a kitchen or dishwashing role preferred
- Ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment
- Strong attention to detail and ability to maintain a clean and organized work area
- Ability to follow instructions and adhere to food safety guidelines
- Good communication and teamwork skills

Working Conditions:

The AM Dishwasher position requires standing for long periods of time and performing repetitive tasks such as washing dishes. The work environment may be noisy and busy, and the individual may be exposed to heat, steam, and cleaning chemicals.

Start Time and End Time

A shift will be filled quickly if it lasts longer than 2 hours and is 4 hours at minimum.

Suggested Hourly Rate

It is our goal to provide top notch talent so we suggest hourly rates start at $15/hr.

Dependent on the job posted, location of shift, day of the week, time of day

If you would like guidance please reach out to our success team at 205-583-6084

Uniform Details

Provide any details for talent to ensure they can show up to their shift in line with the business expectations. Be as detailed as possible. example: all black - but notice logo on talent shoes.

Add Template

Once you have filled out the template and information in each field you can click “Add Template”.

Filled Shift Template Information.png

If successful, the template will be added to the left hand side of the window:

If you need to edit, copy, or discard the template navigate to the top right corner to see those options.

Edit, Copy, Discard Template.png

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